Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where Have We Been?

Dear World,

We have not disappeared but seem to have neglected updating our interwebs/website/etc.etc. So! What have we been up to? We've played some shows, done some benefits, been organizing a whole bunch, writing new material, and keeping pretty active on all fronts. Charlene joined a new doo-wop punk band Sandy and the Rats and Adam started writing music for a solo project that'll be out there sometime soon. Charlene and Adam also have a pop-punk band in the works...

What's Born in a Cent been up to? We were getting ourselves all bent outta shape trying to record a new full length album which made us realize that we were in over our heads due to time constraints and just being flat out busy with life. We've decided to settle on recording and releasing another 5 song EP, which will take our sound in yet another new direction. We're pretty excited to release these songs and are glad to finally get some of our new sound in the open.

We laid down the drum tracks in April at the Recording Engineers Institute with our friend Matt (who recorded the drums on the Far From Perfect EP and helped us out a bit on that record).

Adam's recording the rest of the album in his apartment and Ryan threw down bass tracks for the 5 tracks this past weekend. We've been doing vocals here and there and some guitar tones have been laid down every now and then. Y'all should expect the EP to be done for a mid-summer release. We'll be around playing some shows, shouting at protests, and keeping ourselves pretty busy until then. We'll also make a better effort to update this throughout the recording process and maybe even throw up some sound clips or studio vids or something.

ANYWAY! Hope y'all had a good May Day and are looking forward to a creative, interesting, and intense summer! Much love!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Show Tonight and more!

Hey y'all,

TONIGHT We'll be playing a show at 538 Johnson (Stolen Sleeves Collective) with Emily's Army, Girlcrush, Sandy and the Rats, and the Chandeliers. Show starts around 8 so make sure you get there on time to check out all the bands. It's Girlcrush's first show in TWO YEARS! Check out info here.

 In other news, this amazing artist WASTED RITA from Portugal  customized a skateboard deck with the lyrics to "Underpaid" on it. Check out a photo of it below!

Also- the blog/review site Is This Revolutionary put up a cool review of our EP. Check it out here!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Far From Perfect" EP Up for Donation Based (FREE) Download

Hey y'all!

We just put up our new acoustic EP for free download! "Far From Perfect" is a collection of five acoustic punk songs that have a more stripped down, raw feel than our electric stuff. Check out the free download here. If you want to get a physical copy, check out our limited pressing site.

Let us know what you think! ♥

Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Far From Perfect" EP Stream

Hey y'all, has our EP up on their site streaming for the next couple of weeks! Check it out here. You can purchase an actual copy of the CD at our limited pressing site (we have a lyric thing that goes with it and have it printed out and sewn on cardstock).

Check back for a free/pay what you can digital download in a couple of weeks.

Until next time...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

EP Release Tonight!

Hey y'all,

FINALLY!!! June 25th is here and we will be releasing our EP tonight at this awesome show with Schmekel, Titfit, Evan Greer, and Lauren Measure! There will be a Support NY workshop at 8 PM and the space will DEFINITELY fill up so you're gonna wanna get there early, catch the workshop, and hang out! The show's at the Manifesta Loft in Brooklyn (315 Seigel St) and is a benefit for FIERCE.

If you can't make the show we'll have the EP up that you can buy soon and will also have a free download at some point in the near future. The album artwork was done by Alison Woliver and came out amazing (included a picture below) so check that out too!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Manifesta Stage at Punk Island, "Far From Perfect" EP Release Show, I Live Sweat Article

Hey y'all,

I honestly wish I could update the news here with only one topic at a time but so many things happen and I've gotta cram so much into one post! Such is life.

So THIS SUNDAY is Punk Island. We're setting up the "Manifesta Stage" and there's gonna be a bunch of really cool feminist/queer/political bands playing our stage (including CAT VET, Titfit, Little Victory, Dear Marje, M.A.D., Lolita Black, and emetic) as well as some other stages (The Homewreckers, Zero Content, Stza Crack, Yula and the Extended Family, ZOUNDS, etc. etc.) Y'all should definitely come by and check out more info on the set times, MTA schedule changes and all that at the Punk Island website here. We will also be tabling for the Community/Farmworker Alliance so come on by, sign one of the manager letters that we're sending to Trader Joe's demanding that they agree to pay fair wages to the farmworkers that pick their tomatoes and come hang out!

The following Saturday, June 25th we have our EP release show/party at the Manifesta Loft. It will be a QUEER EXTRAVAGANZA with a workshop by Support NY at 8 PM and some incredible bands starting at 9 including Lauren Measure (worriers, the measure (sa)), evan greer (of riot folk collective), titfit (incredible aggressive grrrl punk), and Schmekel (100% trans jew queercore folk awesomeness)!! Check out more info on the show at the FaCeBoOk page here.

The EP will be titled "Far From Perfect," will have some cool artwork that we'll put up soon and will have 5 tracks:

1. Rainy Days
2. With or Without You
3. Not Old Enough
4. Unheard Anthems
5. D.I. Why?

In other news- Adam wrote an article on sexism and being a male ally for the awesome British punk blog I Live Sweat. You can check that out here if you like and should definitely check out the site in general. It's very refreshing to see a punk blog that's continually posting interesting and challenging stuff.

Thanks for listening and see all of you very soon! <3

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Upcoming Shows, EP Release, and Stuff!

Hey y'all,

So we've got a bunch of shows coming up! This Thursday we're gonna be playing with the Wild (atlanta), Ceasefire and Bouncing Betty (Ryan Harvey from Riot Folks new punk band) at LAVA in Philly. More info can be found here. THEN on Friday we're gonna be playing at Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn with Up For Nothing, Lovelyss, The Homeless People (oakland) and others! Check out more info on that here.

Our acoustic EP is still being mixed but coming along really well. We still expect an EP release date of June 25th in Brooklyn and will have more info on that in a couple days. We CAN'T wait to get this EP out. It's been tooooo long.

Anyway, here's a video of one of our newer electric songs that we played at ABC No Rio a couple weeks ago. Thanks to the person that recorded it and put it up! We hope to have a full length recorded sometime this summer for a fall-ish release. The song is called "Hidden History." See y'all at the upcoming shows! <3