Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Called This Beautiful?

Hey everyone,

The album is getting closer and closer to completion. The songs are in the process of getting mixed after we sat with them for a while, made some final decisions, threw on some reverbs, and played around with some of the settings. It's amazing the things you can do with a sans amp, some delay, and a little reverb.

Once the album is mixed we will have some final songs up and an album sampler (CLICHE!) The album will be titled "Who called this beautiful?" and we'll be releasing it sometime early spring. We'll also have a track list up here pretty soon.

In the mean time, we have a TON of shows lined up for the next couple of months. The Trash Bar show this Saturday (Jan 2) has a ton of great bands and will be a good time. If you can't make it out to that we've got a show with our good friends the Last Internationale at the Pyramid. For more info on these shows see below:


January 2nd, The TRASH BAR, 8:00 PM
Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY
with the Rebel Dead, Hopeless Otis, Playing Dead, High Teen Boogie, Ten Pints In, and Burning Streets.
$7 Entry, 21 +, OPEN BAR from 8-9.

January 7th, The PYRAMID, 7:00 PM
101 Avenue A, Manhattan, NY
with the Last Internationale and Bigger Princess
$5 Entry with flyer, $7 Entry without (see our myspace page for flyer)

January 9th, FINN McCOOL'S, Time TBA
101 Riverhead Rd, West Hampton, NY
with Hands Like Feet and more TBA

February 27th, PUBLIC ASSEMBLY, 10:00 PM
North 6th, Brooklyn, NY
with Last Call Brawl, Ten Pints In, Playing Dead, Burning Streets

March 5th, BAR EAST, 7:00 PM
1733 1st Avenue (between 80th and 90th), Manhattan, NY
with 40 Oz Bounce, Karascene

March 19th, ALPHABET LOUNGE, 7:00 PM
104 Avenue C (at the corner of 7th Street), Manhattan, NY
with 40 oz Bounce, more TBA

April 10th, DESMOND'S TAVERN, 7:00 PM
433 Park Ave South 29th St, Manhattan, NY

That's all for now.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Album Almost Done

Hey everyone,

The recording process has been great so far and we're happy to say that we have 99.9% of everything tracked. All vocals, guitars, bass, and drums are done. The remainder of the process is just editing, mixing, mastering, and making the final moves on some of the tracks. You can check our myspace for a rough version of "What Never Lasts" and we hope to have a rough mix of "Remember When" up by the end of the week.

During the mixing and mastering process we've got some shows lined up. Come out the the 6th Street Community Center for another benefit show for the Equal Education and Employment campaign (creating scholarships for undocumented students on Long Island.) The past events have been VERY successful and we've raised a ton of money for the campaign so come on out, have a good time, buy some cheap beer ($2!), and know that ALL the proceeds from the drinks to the door are going to the scholarship fund. Big Sister, the Last Internationale, Karuhata, and Renee Ghoust are the other bands that'll be playing (GREAT lineup!!!)

We've also got a show at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn on January 2nd with some awesome bands (the Rebel Dead, Hopeless Otis, Playing Dead, High Teen Boogie, Ten Pints in, and Burning Streets.) There's an open bar from 8-9 so make sure you get there early enough to catch it.

Hope to see you all at the benefit!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recording Update

Hey everyone,

So we started recording our soon-to-be-titled full length on October 10th where we threw down drums for the first three songs on the record. The past two and a half weeks couldn't have been more productive. We've got drums recorded for the first six songs on the album and guitars for the first four. This past weekend we finished vocals for "Swallow the Seeds" and "Remember When." The songs are shaping up a lot better than we thought and we couldn't be more excited about moving forward to the later songs on the album.

Recording this full length is the first time we've been in the studio focusing on an entire album since the "a MaNDOWN" days. Our time apart had helped us all grow musically and has provided us with a lot more experience as people and as writers. We couldn't be more excited about what we have heard so far and how everything is turning out.

This week we'll be recording bass for a bunch of songs and some more guitars and vocals. The end of the weekend should lead us to our next drum session... so as you can see, things have been moving very quickly.

We hope to get some samples up as soon as we can...


Monday, October 12, 2009

Recording our Full Length (FINALLY!)

Hey everyone,

So we've been talking about how we're gonna have an album out soon. It started with "it will be ready this winter" to "it will be out sometime this summer" to "it will be out in the fall..." All of these were long shots and estimates that had no merit, unfortunately, but NOW we are actually in the studio for the next 2 months laying down tracks for our full length.

We met up with producer Rob Guariglia who is an awesome guy that understands our vision and how we want our album to sound. We all get positive vibes from each other and are gonna work together to make the album the best it can be.

This weekend we threw down drums for a couple songs and they sound amazing. We're all really excited about it and can't wait to get these songs out there. We're putting all we've got into this album and hope that you all will enjoy it as much as we're gonna enjoy recording it.

Until next time...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Shows/Recording

Hey all,

We've got some new shows lined up for labor day weekend. On September 3rd we're gonna be playing at Broadway bar with a bunch of cool bands (more TBA.) The following day we'll be at the 6th Street Community Center for another great show with a very diverse lineup. Check out the info for both benefits below:

Proceeds will go to the Equal Education and Employment Campaign of Long Island Jobs with Justice and the creation of scholarships for undocumented students attending college on Long Island. If you cannot attend, but still want to support the scholarship fund, email Charlene at humanrightssbu@aol.com. We need you!

Background information

65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year, but only a small fraction of these students go to college. In addition to the unique obstacles that undocumented youth face (inability to find a living wage job, the constant threat of deportation and raids), the students who graduate high school often find that attending college is impossible. They have no access to financial aid, and are offered few (if any) scholarships.

We will use this scholarship fund for undocumented students who have a commitment to immigrant rights work, and who are passionate about continuing to work with the immigrant community.

Of course, offering scholarships to undocumented students will not fix a broken immigration system. Scholarships are just a band-aid over a wound that will not heal until real immigration reform passes through Capitol Hill. Scholarships do not offer undocumented students who have already graduated from college a path towards legal residency, which is necessary in order to work legally in the United States.

Therefore, we are pushing for the DREAM Act to pass through Congress. The DREAM Act would grant a student up to six years to either complete two years of college or complete two years in the military, and upon completion of either, would guarantee citizenship. The DREAM will also encourage undocumented high school students to continue their education, because if they do, they will be granted the citizenship that they--and all undocumented immigrants--deserve.

The best way to find out more details about these shows is to check our myspace. We'll have all the times and updates on it.

We're also gonna be playing in Philidelphia on September 5th (Saturday) so we'll have more info on that when the details come through.

ALSO!!! We're finishing up the last couple songs for our album and should be recording somewhere in the middle of September. We hope to get the album done in about a month so hopefully we'll be through with it come October. We've been saying we're "recording the album" for a long time now but we're actually just about ready this time.

We went into the studio to throw down one track just to have something down with our "newer" sound and we should have that song up in about a week.

Until next time...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Updates/Sunday Matinee Productions/ Worker's Week Tour

Hey everyone!

We recently went into the studio and recorded one of our new songs "Remember When" but still have to mix and master it. Once we're done with all that we'll put it up and hopefully be in the middle of recording the entire album. Our sound has changed dramatically since we got Ryan in the band so we want to get a song up with our current sound.

Once we have a free minute we WILL get our zines up here to view digitally. It will save us printing costs and be more "environmentally friendly" so check back for that within the next few weeks.

This past Sunday we played at Broadway bar with a bunch of awesome bands (Last Internationale, The Atlantic, The Rejects, etc.) and it was a great show! Sunday Matinee Productions are where it's at on Long Island with no ticket sale bullshit that exploits the local scene. Check it out at SUNDAY MATINEE PRODUCTIONS
Thanks to Patience for setting all this up and for getting us involved!

WORKER'S WEEK TOUR: We're planning a worker's week tour for labor day weekend. We'll have a show on LI, one in the city and than we're gonna be going down to Phili and DC so definitely check one of them if we're gonna be in your area.

That's all for the updates on the band. On a musical note, this year is providing us all with some incredible music. RX Bandits new album comes out TOMORROW and it is incredible.

Some other great albums that are out:
Regina Spektor- Far
Portugal. The Man- The Satanic Satanist
The Dear Hunter- Act III: Life and Death
Bomb the Music Industry!- Scrambles
The Mars Volta- Octavarium
El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Mos Def- The Ecstatic
Dead Prez- Pulse of the People
Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion
Doves- Kingdom of Rust
The Decemberists- The Hazards of Love

and look out for Thrice's new album "Beggars." It's available for digital download on August 11th but the physical copy isn't gonna be out until October.

That's all for now. It's an exciting year for music and we're glad to be a part of it.

Cool local bands to check out:

The Last Internationale
Big Sister
The Atlantic
Mania in Urbania
The Rejects
Fesah Rollins

Oh yeah and if you don't have Laura Stevenson's album yet, here's the free download:
Laura Stevenson- A Record FREE DOWNLOAD

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009


OKAY so it's been quitee awhile since we've updated our page, but not due to a lack of activity. Since we last posted, we've been doing a lot of amazing and fun things. Let's see. We played an awesome benefit in DC with some of our best friends, and with riotfolker ryan harvey. We rocked out in montclair, NJ for a punks for economic justice show with our new friends R-Tronika. We played some backyard shows with The Last Internationale, an awesome Long Island-based band, which is pretty incredible, because Long Island seems to be the place where bands go to die.

And, coming upp, we have a Benefit Show that we organized at the 6th Street Community Center to go to a scholarship fund for undocumented students. This is SUPER exciting, and is the first benefit for the fund, so we're really ambitious as to where it's gonna go from here. The show is Friday, July 3rd.

We also have a REALLY exciting update: We added a bass player! Our long time friend and long-ago band member from a MaNDOWN is joining the Born in a Cent duo. Ryan Scherer is an amazing addition to the band, and an amazing person that we have the incredible honor of calling our fellow BIAC member. We've been playing with him for about a month now, catching him up on the old songs and writing new songs together, and we couldn't be happier.

So, come to the show on Friday and catch our new line up. We'll also be releasing our newest ZINE! And we'll post that along with the old one up on the website. We actually lost all of our copies of the old zine and are having a loyal friend mail us a copy as we speak. So, yeah, sorry about the delay on that one.

Much love,
- Charlene (BIAC)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beyond the Ballot Show NYC

Just an update on the show we're playing on February 28th. It's a party with the Young Democratic Socialist's conference in NYC called "Beyond the Ballot: Making the Movement Matter". I'm excited because they'll be hosting democracy now's Amy Goodman for a talk called "Now, the Hard Part: Movement Building Under Barack Obama." We'll be attending the conference to hear from a lot of speakers who do important work for the left. It's something like $20 for students, check it out here: http://www.ydsusa.org/news/beyond-the-ballot-2009

Anyway, the show is at Sixth Street Community Center, 638 E Sixth Street. Directions at : www.sixthstreetcenter.org . Starts at 7:30pm.

- Charlene

Months Recommendations/Show in DC

So we're gonna try to get normal posts up here. This one has to do with the band Propagandhi. Their new album "Supporting Caste" comes out March 10th and it's fucking incredible. You can download 2 of the new tracks on a donation basis (they split from Fat Wreck Chords) if you like. The money goes to an activist organization of the "consumer's" choice. You can find out the organizations and what they're all about at their website. If you're into anarcho-punk, they're my favorite of the modern anarcho-era so check them out. This album is bad-ass and I think it's their best but that's up to y'all.

You can also check out Propagandhi's blog on political issues and a very long list of alternative news, links and books/documentary suggestions on their website http://www.propagandhi.com. We'll always encourage people to listen to some artists that are doing some cool things so check them out. As for now, download the songs we have up.

We're also playing at the "Beyond the Ballot" conference on a Saturday night in the city (February 28th) so check that out, more info will be up soon.

As for the show in DC: The show in DC was incredible. There were a ton of radically minded people that we connected with. It's much more rewarding to play a show with people that you can relate to and actually care about the reason to why you are playing music. Thanks to Jack and everyone else that made the show happen. One Love.

Oh and P.S. if you were a distillers fan, Brody has a new band called Spinnerette.
Check them out at http://www.spinnerettemusic.com/
They're not on a record label and are doing everything themselves so donate money for their album if you like. The option is on their website. It's basically a donate so we can tour type thing.

and if you don't believe that the new Propagandhi is as good as I say, here is a preview:


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Don't Believe

Here's our new acoustic song "I Don't Believe."


Hope you guys like it.

Anarchy '08

So we've uploaded Anarchy '08 for free download (finally.)

We re-recorded it with the new studio equipment so you can download it for free at any of these sites:

We're gonna put up another acoustic track "I Don't Believe" in a day or two. Sorry for the delay on the acoustic tracks we're gonna try to get up about one a month but it's taken longer since we're recording the full length right now.