Thursday, February 12, 2009

Months Recommendations/Show in DC

So we're gonna try to get normal posts up here. This one has to do with the band Propagandhi. Their new album "Supporting Caste" comes out March 10th and it's fucking incredible. You can download 2 of the new tracks on a donation basis (they split from Fat Wreck Chords) if you like. The money goes to an activist organization of the "consumer's" choice. You can find out the organizations and what they're all about at their website. If you're into anarcho-punk, they're my favorite of the modern anarcho-era so check them out. This album is bad-ass and I think it's their best but that's up to y'all.

You can also check out Propagandhi's blog on political issues and a very long list of alternative news, links and books/documentary suggestions on their website We'll always encourage people to listen to some artists that are doing some cool things so check them out. As for now, download the songs we have up.

We're also playing at the "Beyond the Ballot" conference on a Saturday night in the city (February 28th) so check that out, more info will be up soon.

As for the show in DC: The show in DC was incredible. There were a ton of radically minded people that we connected with. It's much more rewarding to play a show with people that you can relate to and actually care about the reason to why you are playing music. Thanks to Jack and everyone else that made the show happen. One Love.

Oh and P.S. if you were a distillers fan, Brody has a new band called Spinnerette.
Check them out at
They're not on a record label and are doing everything themselves so donate money for their album if you like. The option is on their website. It's basically a donate so we can tour type thing.

and if you don't believe that the new Propagandhi is as good as I say, here is a preview:


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