Tuesday, June 30, 2009


OKAY so it's been quitee awhile since we've updated our page, but not due to a lack of activity. Since we last posted, we've been doing a lot of amazing and fun things. Let's see. We played an awesome benefit in DC with some of our best friends, and with riotfolker ryan harvey. We rocked out in montclair, NJ for a punks for economic justice show with our new friends R-Tronika. We played some backyard shows with The Last Internationale, an awesome Long Island-based band, which is pretty incredible, because Long Island seems to be the place where bands go to die.

And, coming upp, we have a Benefit Show that we organized at the 6th Street Community Center to go to a scholarship fund for undocumented students. This is SUPER exciting, and is the first benefit for the fund, so we're really ambitious as to where it's gonna go from here. The show is Friday, July 3rd.

We also have a REALLY exciting update: We added a bass player! Our long time friend and long-ago band member from a MaNDOWN is joining the Born in a Cent duo. Ryan Scherer is an amazing addition to the band, and an amazing person that we have the incredible honor of calling our fellow BIAC member. We've been playing with him for about a month now, catching him up on the old songs and writing new songs together, and we couldn't be happier.

So, come to the show on Friday and catch our new line up. We'll also be releasing our newest ZINE! And we'll post that along with the old one up on the website. We actually lost all of our copies of the old zine and are having a loyal friend mail us a copy as we speak. So, yeah, sorry about the delay on that one.

Much love,
- Charlene (BIAC)

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