Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Shows/Recording

Hey all,

We've got some new shows lined up for labor day weekend. On September 3rd we're gonna be playing at Broadway bar with a bunch of cool bands (more TBA.) The following day we'll be at the 6th Street Community Center for another great show with a very diverse lineup. Check out the info for both benefits below:

Proceeds will go to the Equal Education and Employment Campaign of Long Island Jobs with Justice and the creation of scholarships for undocumented students attending college on Long Island. If you cannot attend, but still want to support the scholarship fund, email Charlene at We need you!

Background information

65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year, but only a small fraction of these students go to college. In addition to the unique obstacles that undocumented youth face (inability to find a living wage job, the constant threat of deportation and raids), the students who graduate high school often find that attending college is impossible. They have no access to financial aid, and are offered few (if any) scholarships.

We will use this scholarship fund for undocumented students who have a commitment to immigrant rights work, and who are passionate about continuing to work with the immigrant community.

Of course, offering scholarships to undocumented students will not fix a broken immigration system. Scholarships are just a band-aid over a wound that will not heal until real immigration reform passes through Capitol Hill. Scholarships do not offer undocumented students who have already graduated from college a path towards legal residency, which is necessary in order to work legally in the United States.

Therefore, we are pushing for the DREAM Act to pass through Congress. The DREAM Act would grant a student up to six years to either complete two years of college or complete two years in the military, and upon completion of either, would guarantee citizenship. The DREAM will also encourage undocumented high school students to continue their education, because if they do, they will be granted the citizenship that they--and all undocumented immigrants--deserve.

The best way to find out more details about these shows is to check our myspace. We'll have all the times and updates on it.

We're also gonna be playing in Philidelphia on September 5th (Saturday) so we'll have more info on that when the details come through.

ALSO!!! We're finishing up the last couple songs for our album and should be recording somewhere in the middle of September. We hope to get the album done in about a month so hopefully we'll be through with it come October. We've been saying we're "recording the album" for a long time now but we're actually just about ready this time.

We went into the studio to throw down one track just to have something down with our "newer" sound and we should have that song up in about a week.

Until next time...

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