Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Called This Beautiful?

Hey everyone,

The album is getting closer and closer to completion. The songs are in the process of getting mixed after we sat with them for a while, made some final decisions, threw on some reverbs, and played around with some of the settings. It's amazing the things you can do with a sans amp, some delay, and a little reverb.

Once the album is mixed we will have some final songs up and an album sampler (CLICHE!) The album will be titled "Who called this beautiful?" and we'll be releasing it sometime early spring. We'll also have a track list up here pretty soon.

In the mean time, we have a TON of shows lined up for the next couple of months. The Trash Bar show this Saturday (Jan 2) has a ton of great bands and will be a good time. If you can't make it out to that we've got a show with our good friends the Last Internationale at the Pyramid. For more info on these shows see below:


January 2nd, The TRASH BAR, 8:00 PM
Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY
with the Rebel Dead, Hopeless Otis, Playing Dead, High Teen Boogie, Ten Pints In, and Burning Streets.
$7 Entry, 21 +, OPEN BAR from 8-9.

January 7th, The PYRAMID, 7:00 PM
101 Avenue A, Manhattan, NY
with the Last Internationale and Bigger Princess
$5 Entry with flyer, $7 Entry without (see our myspace page for flyer)

January 9th, FINN McCOOL'S, Time TBA
101 Riverhead Rd, West Hampton, NY
with Hands Like Feet and more TBA

February 27th, PUBLIC ASSEMBLY, 10:00 PM
North 6th, Brooklyn, NY
with Last Call Brawl, Ten Pints In, Playing Dead, Burning Streets

March 5th, BAR EAST, 7:00 PM
1733 1st Avenue (between 80th and 90th), Manhattan, NY
with 40 Oz Bounce, Karascene

March 19th, ALPHABET LOUNGE, 7:00 PM
104 Avenue C (at the corner of 7th Street), Manhattan, NY
with 40 oz Bounce, more TBA

April 10th, DESMOND'S TAVERN, 7:00 PM
433 Park Ave South 29th St, Manhattan, NY

That's all for now.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Album Almost Done

Hey everyone,

The recording process has been great so far and we're happy to say that we have 99.9% of everything tracked. All vocals, guitars, bass, and drums are done. The remainder of the process is just editing, mixing, mastering, and making the final moves on some of the tracks. You can check our myspace for a rough version of "What Never Lasts" and we hope to have a rough mix of "Remember When" up by the end of the week.

During the mixing and mastering process we've got some shows lined up. Come out the the 6th Street Community Center for another benefit show for the Equal Education and Employment campaign (creating scholarships for undocumented students on Long Island.) The past events have been VERY successful and we've raised a ton of money for the campaign so come on out, have a good time, buy some cheap beer ($2!), and know that ALL the proceeds from the drinks to the door are going to the scholarship fund. Big Sister, the Last Internationale, Karuhata, and Renee Ghoust are the other bands that'll be playing (GREAT lineup!!!)

We've also got a show at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn on January 2nd with some awesome bands (the Rebel Dead, Hopeless Otis, Playing Dead, High Teen Boogie, Ten Pints in, and Burning Streets.) There's an open bar from 8-9 so make sure you get there early enough to catch it.

Hope to see you all at the benefit!