Thursday, December 30, 2010

Festive Photos and More Shows!

Hey y'all,

Happy Holidays to all that celebrate and Merry Anti-Holiday to all that don't! We have a couple of updates! FIRST- Tantrum! Imagery took some photos of our set at 1982 at FEST 9! We've posted one below and you can check out some more here (including Charlene in a skeleton costume made for a small child that she found for $1 at a Gainesville thrift shop!)

SECOND- we have a show coming up on January 12th at the Manifesta Loft that will be UNPLUGGED! First Chris Clavin (of Ghost Mice) will be showing a set of short films called "OUT OF THE BASEMENT FILM FEST # 1" and than we'll have some really cool sets by Chris Clavin, Evan Greer (of Riot Folk), Spirit Child (acapella set!), Lauren Measure, bell's roar, and we'll be doing an acoustic set with the songs that we'll be recording for a future acoustic EP/7 inch/Free Download...

and THIRD- we'll be announcing some dates for a midwest tour with Evan Greer in April sometime soon. If you can help us out with any of the dates let us know.

So yea! You can get more info for the show HERE or at our shows page. Hope to see everyone there!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Support New York Benefit Show

Hey y'all!

We're mad excited for the Support New York Benefit Show at the Manifesta Loft in Brooklyn on Saturday! We're gonna be playing with The Homewreckers, Trophy Wife (from DC), Candy Hearts, and it'll be Sandy and the Rats FIRST SHOW (members of Zombie Dogs, Titfit, Carnal Knowledge, The Homewreckers, Snow Day, etc.etc.etc.)!!! The space WILL definitely fill up so you should head on over to the show early/on-time (starts at 8!) Check below for a crazy good flyer made by Cristy Road.

Support New York is an incredible collective dedicated to healing the effects of sexual assault and abuse. For more information, resources, and a list of suggested readings that are absolutely worth checking out, go to SUPPORTNY.ORG

See you all this weekend!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Please Don't Hang Out In Front of the House

Aaron from Attica! Attica! has put together a compilation of songs to celebrate house shows in response to the co-opting of the DIY scene that was recently started by Red Bull's "Noise Complaint" contest/show in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We put together a song for the comp called "D.I.Why?" which is our feelings and response to the not-so-surprising co-opting of the DIY punk scene by a major corporation like Red Bull and how we need to focus more on safe spaces that are welcoming to all and deviate away from "scenes" that are limiting. Below I've listed the lyrics and what Charlene had to say about them. You can download the compilation HERE.

"I used to feel alone here
just trying to get by
one fist up, one head down
to fight and then to cry
I used to feel like a stranger
people I thought I knew
‘til I saw what they believed in
heard the language they that used
I used to think I wouldn’t make it
as I’d wait for things to change
but I’m tired of waiting
and the despair it creates

why do you do it yourself
when you can build with me
with him or her
working collectively
let’s book our own shows
and let’s play on the streets
and share what we’ve got
with our community

I used to feel like I was dying
and becoming who I hate
one day I was all right another I cried
then it started again
I used to feel so helpless
before I learned what we could make
the greatest strength of humanity
is the power to change
I know that we’re all trying
we keep growing constantly
spend some sober nights alone
take ourselves seriously

why do you do it yourself
when you can build with me
with him or with her
working collectively
learning from our neighbors
moving beyond scenes
to create the safe spaces
that everyone needs"

“Overall, the song is about both the potential and limitations of the “do it yourself” scene. As a queer woman, the D.I.Y. punk scene can feel unwelcoming and patriarchal; and as people interested in movement-building and radical spaces, we sometimes get frustrated by the failure of punks to actually participate in direct actions and popular education. The song calls on D.I.Y. punks to focus less on the individualist mantra “do it yourself” and to instead work towards building together, working collectively, and creating truly radical, diverse, and welcoming spaces for everyone—not just punks.” - Charlene

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ryan Harvey CD Release Show and Benefit for Community/Farmworker Alliance and the Civilian-Soldier Alliance

Hey y'all,

This event is a whole lotta things! First you should join us at 6 PM for a pot luck to learn more about the community/farmworker alliance and how you can get involved! Than you should stick around for an awesome show that is a joint benefit for the Community/Farmworker Alliance and the Civilian Soldier Alliance. To top it all off, it's Ryan Harvey from Riot Folk's CD release show for the long anticipated "BLOWBACK" (over 2 years in the making!) Bell's Roar and Majesty will both be playing and are incredible artists that y'all need to check out!

The show/potluck is gonna be at the Rebel Diaz Arts' Collective at 478 Austin Place in the South Bronx. For more info check out the facebook page here. Please come, bring some food, learn about the Community/Farmworker Alliance, and check out some awesome music!

Oh yeah and to all you Long Islanders- we're gonna be playing at the Social Justice Alliance Party "Funky Fights for Student Rights" Check out more info on that here. Free music, food, and information on how you can get more involved in campus organizing at Stony Brook. What can be better than that?

See you all soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fest 9 in Gainesville, FL October 29th-31st

We're happy to announce that this year, we'll be making the trek down to Gainesville, Florida to play FEST! If you're like us and you don't really know exactly what part of Florida Gainesville is, we looked up a map this morning and here's what we found:

It should take us about 20 hours to drive down from New York, and we'll be sure to make some updates happen while we're on the road. We're also in the process of setting up some shows while we make our way down, so stay tuned.

All of us are super excited, and we've thought a lot about what we hope to get out of our time there. As always, we'll have free zines and politicized writings for people to pick up at our merch table with the hopes of using music/popular education as a way to plug people into local organizing projects. We hope to have many conversations with both musicians, punks, and Gainesvillains about creating a true politicized music scene--a scene that goes beyond subcultural genre-based shows and moves towards creating spaces where musicians march with the masses, organizing, strategizing, and taking action until we create the world we want to see....... Okay, okay, we're not going to accomplish all of these things at Fest, but we promise, as always, that we'll try. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Album up for Donation-Based Download

Hey yall,

So most of you know that our album came out in late May, and most of you have probably already gotten a copy. BUT, if you haven't, and if you're just hearing of us now, you can get a copy of our album at whatever price you can afford! If you have $0, pay $0, if you have $10, pay $10. And if you really want to support what we're doing, you can even give more! Also, if you haven't already noticed, we've added a few pages to the site, including a link to our past zines! So if you haven't already checked them out, Zine 2 is mostly a random assortment of politicized writings, with one essay on Green Capitalism co-written by Charlene and Adam. Zine 3 has a whole section of poetry dedicated to anarcha feminism from a queer feminist perspective.

So if you haven't yet gotten a chance, check them out. Stay tuned for our next zine, which will be released at our show with Ryan Harvey on October 23rd! Be there or be square........

Friday, September 3, 2010

Occupation is a Crime, from Iraq to Palestine

Here's a clip of "Gaza" from the show at Trash Bar last week. Thanks Lyz for the vid!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

ABC No Rio Benefit with the Bouncing Souls

Hey y'all,

For all that haven't heard: we're going to be playing a benefit with the Bouncing Souls to help the ABC No Rio building fund on September 14th. If you don't know of or haven't heard of ABC No Rio it is a collectively run center for art and activism that has been active in the Lower East Side since 1980. Check out more about ABC No Rio here.

The tickets to the show sold out a lot quicker than any of us thought (since the Bouncing Souls have two dates before the 14th in New York that are also sold out.) Many people have said, "Ah, I wish I got a ticket but when I tried to grab one, they were already sold out!" If you're still interested in getting a ticket the folks at ABC No Rio have put one up on eBay. All of the money from this ticket will be going to the ABC No Rio building fund in an effort to steer people away from buying the ticket from a scalper for over $100 (which we've seen on various ticket re-selling websites.) We're encouraging anyone that wishes they had gotten a ticket to PLEASE support ABC No Rio and bid on this ticket and not support the capitalist re-sale and commodification of this benefit. Check out the bidding for the ticket here!

Thanks! We hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Picture the Homeless Benefit Show, August 20th

Hey y'all,

So far this summer we've had a ton of great shows, met some great people, and have had a hell of a time. Our CD Release show was incredible and we have been getting great feedback on the album (thanks y'all!) In an attempt to make this blog active again I wanted to post about the Picture the Homeless Benefit show that we'll be doing this Friday, August 20th at the Silent Barn in Ridgewood!

Picture the Homeless is a grassroots organization, founded and led by homeless people. PTH organizes for social justice around issues of housing, police violence, and the shelter-industrial complex. For more information you can visit their website here.

Other artists that will be performing at the show will be Kalae All Day, Joda!, Titfit, Real Muzic Luvers, and Seth Tobocman will be doing a performance piece!!! In addition to all the incredible artists playing the show, there will be a vegan bake sale! This is a show that you don't want to miss! Also, check out the awesome flyers that were put together for the benefit!

Monday, May 17, 2010

CD available for pre-order now off of Manifesta Records

Hey yall,
We are excited to announce that our CD is ready for pre-order! Our CD Release show will be Saturday, May 29th, at Bushwick Music Studios and we'll be giving away a FREE copy at the door. The CD Release show will be with Evan Greer from the Riot Folk Collective, Huasipungo, Lauren West of Big Sister, and the Last Internationale.

If you can't make the show, you can still get the CD by heading over to Manifesta Records and pre-ordering your copy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

May Day March and Shows

Hello all,

We encourage all the please come down to the May Day March to support the overturning of the racist, anti-immigrant legislation that just passed in Arizona. We all know that the legislation is complete bullshit and need to take our words to the street!

Visit for more information or check below for a description (provided by the May 1 Coalition) that explains (in greater detail) just why taking part in this action is so important.

After the march there is a great show at ABC No Rio with Huasipungo, Death First, CocheBomba, and Joda! that everyone should also check out!

and finally!! Surreal Estate is having a benefit for the IWW at night that we will be playing with The Last Internationale, Spirit Child of Mental Notes, Nikki Patton, R-TRONIKA, the Flames of Discontent, Callejero, and many more!!! This is going to be an amazing show with 3 floors of radical, revolutionary music, and a great way to end May Day!
For more info check out the facebook event page.

For all you Long Islanders: We're playing a benefit show for Forgotten Friends of Long Island (an animal rescue and rehabilitation center to help the neediest animals that have been abandoned and need medical care) that our friend Chris from Rescue Rocks set up. Other bands playing the show will be Hands Like Feet, the Broosevelts, Mailbox Baseball, Critical Condition, Sleep Bellem Sonno and many more. It's gonna be at Sinclair's Pub in West Babylon and kick off at 4 PM. For more info on Rescue Rocks check out: Rescue Rocks

I promise that in the future we plan on updating the blog more frequently so we don't have to include a million things in every post.

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Songs, Full Length Album, Album Artwork, Anarchist Bookfair Benefit

Hello all,

A couple new(ish) things that have been going on: First of all, our album "Who Called This Beautiful?" is getting closer to being finished. We should have a couple (3 to 4) songs up here in the next week or two. We're expecting an early Spring release on the album so we'll keep you all updated with the details/release show date/etc.

We're excited to announce that one of our favorite artists, Josh MacPhee from the JustSeeds Cooperative, will be doing the artwork for the album. The concept that he's come up with is great and we're all stoked about it after seeing the first couple of images.

Upcoming Shows: We're playing the Anarchist Bookfair Benefit at the Silent Barn in Ridgewood on March 13th with some incredible bands (R-Tronika, Karuhata, the Last Internationale, Huasipungo, and Sexy Neighbors.) This benefit and the anarchist bookfair itself are very important to us so we'd love to see as many people at the show as possible. Please come down and show your support. Thanks! (check out for more info.)

Solidarity is Our Weapon

Greek Anarchists Are Not Alone: New Yorkers hold solidarity benefit for Resalto arrestees

A year has passed since police murdered Alexandros Grigoropoulos in the streets of Exarcheia. All of us who were in the streets of Greece during the riots gave ourselves a promise: we will not go back to normality. The memories of the revolt are still alive. We will never forget, never forgive.
… and the struggle goes on.
The new Greek socialist government made their intensions clear from the very first time they were elected. They wouldn’t let a new insurrection take place at any cost, and the anarchists were their main target. Just a day before the one year anniversary of Alexandros’ murder, the self-organized center Resalto was raided and 22 people were arrested and had to pay for bails of up to 50,000 euros in total. Despite the state’s oppression, which collaborated with the neo-Nazis; and despite the medias’ propaganda, which tried to hide the mass demonstrations that took place in Greece against state’s oppression and police brutality; and all their effort to depoliticize the struggle in Greece by representing the anarchists as vandals and Resalto itself as a bar and not as a political space; the demonstrations kept going. We occupied public buildings and solidarity actions took place all over the world. In response, the state took some of us and put us in prisons. And the Resalto arrestees faced ridiculously high bails that till this day need to be paid back. The Greek anarchists are not alone.
Solidarity is our weapon.

The above taken from Occupied London. Thanks to all that came out to the benefit. Visit occupied london for tons of literature on the current situation in Greece.
Occupied London

Friday, January 8, 2010

Born in a Cent Zine July 3rd

Hey everyone,

As promised (a while ago) here is a copy of our zine digitally. You can download it below and view it normally or through the host full screen. Thanks a lot!


Born in a Cent Zine July 3