Friday, March 5, 2010

Solidarity is Our Weapon

Greek Anarchists Are Not Alone: New Yorkers hold solidarity benefit for Resalto arrestees

A year has passed since police murdered Alexandros Grigoropoulos in the streets of Exarcheia. All of us who were in the streets of Greece during the riots gave ourselves a promise: we will not go back to normality. The memories of the revolt are still alive. We will never forget, never forgive.
… and the struggle goes on.
The new Greek socialist government made their intensions clear from the very first time they were elected. They wouldn’t let a new insurrection take place at any cost, and the anarchists were their main target. Just a day before the one year anniversary of Alexandros’ murder, the self-organized center Resalto was raided and 22 people were arrested and had to pay for bails of up to 50,000 euros in total. Despite the state’s oppression, which collaborated with the neo-Nazis; and despite the medias’ propaganda, which tried to hide the mass demonstrations that took place in Greece against state’s oppression and police brutality; and all their effort to depoliticize the struggle in Greece by representing the anarchists as vandals and Resalto itself as a bar and not as a political space; the demonstrations kept going. We occupied public buildings and solidarity actions took place all over the world. In response, the state took some of us and put us in prisons. And the Resalto arrestees faced ridiculously high bails that till this day need to be paid back. The Greek anarchists are not alone.
Solidarity is our weapon.

The above taken from Occupied London. Thanks to all that came out to the benefit. Visit occupied london for tons of literature on the current situation in Greece.
Occupied London

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