Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Show Tonight and more!

Hey y'all,

TONIGHT We'll be playing a show at 538 Johnson (Stolen Sleeves Collective) with Emily's Army, Girlcrush, Sandy and the Rats, and the Chandeliers. Show starts around 8 so make sure you get there on time to check out all the bands. It's Girlcrush's first show in TWO YEARS! Check out info here.

 In other news, this amazing artist WASTED RITA from Portugal  customized a skateboard deck with the lyrics to "Underpaid" on it. Check out a photo of it below!

Also- the blog/review site Is This Revolutionary put up a cool review of our EP. Check it out here!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Far From Perfect" EP Up for Donation Based (FREE) Download

Hey y'all!

We just put up our new acoustic EP for free download! "Far From Perfect" is a collection of five acoustic punk songs that have a more stripped down, raw feel than our electric stuff. Check out the free download here. If you want to get a physical copy, check out our limited pressing site.

Let us know what you think! ♥

Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Far From Perfect" EP Stream

Hey y'all,

Punknews.org has our EP up on their site streaming for the next couple of weeks! Check it out here. You can purchase an actual copy of the CD at our limited pressing site (we have a lyric thing that goes with it and have it printed out and sewn on cardstock).

Check back for a free/pay what you can digital download in a couple of weeks.

Until next time...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

EP Release Tonight!

Hey y'all,

FINALLY!!! June 25th is here and we will be releasing our EP tonight at this awesome show with Schmekel, Titfit, Evan Greer, and Lauren Measure! There will be a Support NY workshop at 8 PM and the space will DEFINITELY fill up so you're gonna wanna get there early, catch the workshop, and hang out! The show's at the Manifesta Loft in Brooklyn (315 Seigel St) and is a benefit for FIERCE.

If you can't make the show we'll have the EP up that you can buy soon and will also have a free download at some point in the near future. The album artwork was done by Alison Woliver and came out amazing (included a picture below) so check that out too!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Manifesta Stage at Punk Island, "Far From Perfect" EP Release Show, I Live Sweat Article

Hey y'all,

I honestly wish I could update the news here with only one topic at a time but so many things happen and I've gotta cram so much into one post! Such is life.

So THIS SUNDAY is Punk Island. We're setting up the "Manifesta Stage" and there's gonna be a bunch of really cool feminist/queer/political bands playing our stage (including CAT VET, Titfit, Little Victory, Dear Marje, M.A.D., Lolita Black, and emetic) as well as some other stages (The Homewreckers, Zero Content, Stza Crack, Yula and the Extended Family, ZOUNDS, etc. etc.) Y'all should definitely come by and check out more info on the set times, MTA schedule changes and all that at the Punk Island website here. We will also be tabling for the Community/Farmworker Alliance so come on by, sign one of the manager letters that we're sending to Trader Joe's demanding that they agree to pay fair wages to the farmworkers that pick their tomatoes and come hang out!

The following Saturday, June 25th we have our EP release show/party at the Manifesta Loft. It will be a QUEER EXTRAVAGANZA with a workshop by Support NY at 8 PM and some incredible bands starting at 9 including Lauren Measure (worriers, the measure (sa)), evan greer (of riot folk collective), titfit (incredible aggressive grrrl punk), and Schmekel (100% trans jew queercore folk awesomeness)!! Check out more info on the show at the FaCeBoOk page here.

The EP will be titled "Far From Perfect," will have some cool artwork that we'll put up soon and will have 5 tracks:

1. Rainy Days
2. With or Without You
3. Not Old Enough
4. Unheard Anthems
5. D.I. Why?

In other news- Adam wrote an article on sexism and being a male ally for the awesome British punk blog I Live Sweat. You can check that out here if you like and should definitely check out the site in general. It's very refreshing to see a punk blog that's continually posting interesting and challenging stuff.

Thanks for listening and see all of you very soon! <3

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Upcoming Shows, EP Release, and Stuff!

Hey y'all,

So we've got a bunch of shows coming up! This Thursday we're gonna be playing with the Wild (atlanta), Ceasefire and Bouncing Betty (Ryan Harvey from Riot Folks new punk band) at LAVA in Philly. More info can be found here. THEN on Friday we're gonna be playing at Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn with Up For Nothing, Lovelyss, The Homeless People (oakland) and others! Check out more info on that here.

Our acoustic EP is still being mixed but coming along really well. We still expect an EP release date of June 25th in Brooklyn and will have more info on that in a couple days. We CAN'T wait to get this EP out. It's been tooooo long.

Anyway, here's a video of one of our newer electric songs that we played at ABC No Rio a couple weeks ago. Thanks to the person that recorded it and put it up! We hope to have a full length recorded sometime this summer for a fall-ish release. The song is called "Hidden History." See y'all at the upcoming shows! <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tour Has Ended. Recording of Acoustic EP Continues!

Hey y'all,

Last week the tour had come to an end. We had a great experience, met a ton of really cool folks, played a bunch of our new songs, and have a lot of motivation now to come back and record! This past Sunday we tracked drums for the still-to-be-named acoustic EP and are going to throw down guitars and vocals this week. It's gonna be 5 tracks of folk/pop-punk madness including the track "D.I. Why?" that we released on the "Please Don't Hang Out in Front of the House" compilation a few months ago (but we added drums to it!)

Here's a video from our unplugged show at Albright College. We re-did "Underpaid" and made it a folk punk song. Evan Greer is playing mandolin on the song but she's cut out of the video so you can't see her (sorry Evan!)

In other news- we are playing a benefit show this coming Saturday at ABC No Rio with Huasipungo, Fialka Trupe, and llucsi Cai. The benefit is for Brazil's Landless Worker's Movement (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra-MST.) Check out more about the show here.

We've also got a couple more shows coming up that we'll have more info about soon. We'll be playing in Philly on May 28th for the Radical All-City Party and again on June 2nd as a closing show for the May Month of Anarchy with THE WILD! If you haven't heard the Wild you should check them out here. They're awesome. We're also going to be playing Punk Island on June 19th which is thrown together by the ABC No Rio folks. More info on that to come as well.

See you all soon! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tour Tips 2: Play Safe Spaces, and Queer Colleges

On our fourth day of tour, we're happy to say that we've been continually inspired and encouraged by the people we've met and performed with, and the spaces we've played.

I know what you're thinking--Oberlin College. Rich, white, liberal. Well, these things are true, but we met some amazing students who are doing trans advocacy, public transportation access, and environmental organizing. We did a workshop on Community Organizing and Solidarity in a World of Fire (Anti-Oppression fused with how to organize), which was really cool.

We played that night at a space called "The Cat and the Cream". No, it's not a lesbian horror film. It's just a coffee shop.

Later the next day, we rolled over to Columbus, Ohio to Villa Vilakula a totally amazing Queer/Feminist Safe Space. Let me tell you, this space ROCKED. We had so much fun, and we need to shout out one of the best bands we've heard since we've been on tour, Bad Heart Bull. Seriously, it was so amazing to see a space like this with badass queer women collectively taking charge.

 From the outside, the house looks like your typical suburban home with vinyl siding, which is really hilarious.
But they start every show with a "SAFE SPACE" disclaimer, and point out two women that you can come to if you are having any problems with people in the space. AND the art is cool, too.
"Hang Onto Each Other"

Okay, I know that I'm a little too into the house at this point with the photos, but the final thing that I thought was a really funny/creative idea was a calendar entitled "Columbus Sucks Because You Suck". Good idea for folks in a small town surrounded by nihilist anarchists who are always hating on this crazy world.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tour Tips 1: Benefits, Broken Keys, and Local Vegan Food

Hey yall,

So we've been having a really amazing tour so far. Not only are we on tour with one of the most inspirational riot folk artists, Evan Greer, but we're also traveling with her partner Erin and their baby Saiorse! Saiorse's goal for the tour is to learn to eat solid foods! He's not so happy about it so far.

Our first day, we rolled out from NYC and got to Philly just in time for the Jobs with Justice benefit!

After playing for a room full of young activists, we headed back to Evan's friend's place exhausted and ready to sleep. When we tried to get the bags of clean clothes and sleeping bags out of the van car top carrier, Adam snapped the key in the keyhole.
 Highlight of the morning: heading to Satellite Cafe in Philly for a vegan breakfast and getting our clothes and clean underwear out of the broken car top carrier. Seriously, if you're ever in Philly ask for the vegan BikeShop on a bagel--it rocks and is like $2.87. You can also sit there for a few hours and use the free wifi, which is definitely a must for organizers on the road. For Brooklynites, this is the Philly equivalent of Boneshakers, only a LOT cheaper, thus better.

Before we headed out, like all good vegans do, we got some vegan Philly Cheesesteaks at Govinda's Gourmet to Go. This place was really good, but a little pricey for me. I don't like paying $8.50 for a sandwich, but it wasn't too bad for a 9" sub. When you walk in there, it looks like your standard deli, and if the place wasn't filled with angst-y  looking punks, I wouldn't have seen the "all items are vegetarian" written in fine print on the menu board.

Either way, check out both places if you want your fill of soy protein before hitting the road. We're in Pittsburgh now at legendary folk artist Anne Feeney's house getting ready to hit the road for a workshop and show at Oberlin College in Ohio.

More to come!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gettin' Ready for Tour

Hey y'all,

So today will be our first show of our midwest tour with Evan Greer. We should be doing a bunch of updates and things so check back for all that. An updated list of shows is on our "shows" tab so check that out. Tonight's show is a house show benefit for Philly Jobs with Justice. Check out more info on it here.

We wanted to give our thanks to the Social Justice Alliance (SJA) at Stony Brook for having us last week at an awesome show with Spiritchild. If you go to Stony Brook University you should definitely get more involved with the organizing that SJA and the Radical Student Union have been doing (check here for a recent action by the RSU.)

ALSO! Our show in Boston this past weekend was incredible! Thanks to Evan, Laila, everyone else that was involved in setting up the show, and of course, all of the political prisoners that had written new statements in support of the local organizing around political prisoner support and solidarity groups. If you're interested in getting more involved and learning more about political prisoner support, check out some of the websites listed below!

Can't wait to see and meet some new faces!!! see ya this week!

Anarchist Black Cross Federation
List of Political Prisoners that you can write to (and other resources)
Jericho Movement
Free Tarek Mehanna

Friday, March 18, 2011

Benefit Show in Brooklyn and Midwest Tour with Evan Greer

Hey y'all!

Tomorrow night we've got a show at the Manifesta Loft that's a benefit for the NY Abortion Access Fund (more info here!) with The Gift (from DC), Waxahatchee (Katie from P.S. Eliot/Bad Banana), Dear Marje and Frankie and the Mo Mos. Check out more info here.

In other news- the (short) midwest tour with Evan Greer is ALMOST completely set! I've listed the dates below. We're still not 100% on two of them so if you can help out, please get in touch!!

Thanks a lot everyone and see you soon!

April 1:  PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Gwen's house in West Philly (emails us for address!)

April 2: Need a show in Pittsburgh (or something like it)
April 3: OBERLIN, OH @ Cat in the Cream (acoustic show)
April 4: COLUMBUS, OH @ House Show (email us for address!)
April 6: ATHENS, OH @ Ohio University Earth Month Event sponsored by Sierra Student Coalition and more!
April 7: PITTSBURGH, PA Still up in the air. If you have any ideas let us know!
April 8: READING, PA @ Albright College
April 9: NEW YORK, NY @ Anarchist Bookfair Afterparty (more info to come very soon!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Merch Page and TRAITOR JOE'S protest!

Hey y'all!

We just put up a merch page where you can get some of our shirts for pretty cheap. You can head over to the limitedpressing site to check it out and give it a look. We're in the process of booking a short midwest stint with Evan Greer the first week of April (exciting, I know!) If you think you can help with a show check out the shows page and see which dates we still need.

In other news Charlene and Adam are both a part of the Community/Farmworker Alliance (more info here) and were hosting the Northeast Encuentro this weekend here in NYC. There is a Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) Victory Party on Friday, September 4th at the Commons in Brooklyn celebrating the recent victories and a HUGE protest/march from the union square Trader Joe's to the Chelsea Trader Joe's!!! We are encouraging EVERYONE to come for a great (and fun!) action in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (more info here). If you're very interested in all this, there will be a full day of skill building workshops on February 5th (email us if you want some more info.) Check out the flyer for the protest below!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UNPLUGGED at the Manifesta Loft and Out of the Basement Film Fest

Hey y'all,

We've got a show TODAY at the Manifesta Loft in Brooklyn. The films will start around 7:30(ish) and the bands will start around 8:30. Check out the flyer below!

There's a ton of snow out there but it ain't THAT bad and the subways ARE working so as of now the show is still on. Check back here for an update if you like. See ya later!