Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tour Tips 2: Play Safe Spaces, and Queer Colleges

On our fourth day of tour, we're happy to say that we've been continually inspired and encouraged by the people we've met and performed with, and the spaces we've played.

I know what you're thinking--Oberlin College. Rich, white, liberal. Well, these things are true, but we met some amazing students who are doing trans advocacy, public transportation access, and environmental organizing. We did a workshop on Community Organizing and Solidarity in a World of Fire (Anti-Oppression fused with how to organize), which was really cool.

We played that night at a space called "The Cat and the Cream". No, it's not a lesbian horror film. It's just a coffee shop.

Later the next day, we rolled over to Columbus, Ohio to Villa Vilakula a totally amazing Queer/Feminist Safe Space. Let me tell you, this space ROCKED. We had so much fun, and we need to shout out one of the best bands we've heard since we've been on tour, Bad Heart Bull. Seriously, it was so amazing to see a space like this with badass queer women collectively taking charge.

 From the outside, the house looks like your typical suburban home with vinyl siding, which is really hilarious.
But they start every show with a "SAFE SPACE" disclaimer, and point out two women that you can come to if you are having any problems with people in the space. AND the art is cool, too.
"Hang Onto Each Other"

Okay, I know that I'm a little too into the house at this point with the photos, but the final thing that I thought was a really funny/creative idea was a calendar entitled "Columbus Sucks Because You Suck". Good idea for folks in a small town surrounded by nihilist anarchists who are always hating on this crazy world.

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