Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where Have We Been?

Dear World,

We have not disappeared but seem to have neglected updating our interwebs/website/etc.etc. So! What have we been up to? We've played some shows, done some benefits, been organizing a whole bunch, writing new material, and keeping pretty active on all fronts. Charlene joined a new doo-wop punk band Sandy and the Rats and Adam started writing music for a solo project that'll be out there sometime soon. Charlene and Adam also have a pop-punk band in the works...

What's Born in a Cent been up to? We were getting ourselves all bent outta shape trying to record a new full length album which made us realize that we were in over our heads due to time constraints and just being flat out busy with life. We've decided to settle on recording and releasing another 5 song EP, which will take our sound in yet another new direction. We're pretty excited to release these songs and are glad to finally get some of our new sound in the open.

We laid down the drum tracks in April at the Recording Engineers Institute with our friend Matt (who recorded the drums on the Far From Perfect EP and helped us out a bit on that record).

Adam's recording the rest of the album in his apartment and Ryan threw down bass tracks for the 5 tracks this past weekend. We've been doing vocals here and there and some guitar tones have been laid down every now and then. Y'all should expect the EP to be done for a mid-summer release. We'll be around playing some shows, shouting at protests, and keeping ourselves pretty busy until then. We'll also make a better effort to update this throughout the recording process and maybe even throw up some sound clips or studio vids or something.

ANYWAY! Hope y'all had a good May Day and are looking forward to a creative, interesting, and intense summer! Much love!

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